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 Technical Meeting Update # 13

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Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 13   Sun 5 Nov - 13:41

1. "LATD620 with 1390 card won't connect to network with WPA-PSK encryption. Works fine using WEP. An Inspiron 9100 with 1300 wireless card works fine in the same network using WPA-PSK. Router is Linksys WRV54G. Router firmware has been updated, changed channel, updated wireless card driver. Cust tried to change the advance settings on the router and set the BSS mode to 802.11b only. It works fine but the speed is only up to 11 mbps.
Case # 142859434"

"Try to download the 1500 latest driver then use it in updating the 1390 driver.
Extract the file in a folder
In DOS, locate the folder where the files are extracted
Execute the command “setup /app”
If it doesn’t work, try the system in a non-VPN network."

2."The system fails to connect to an EAP-Fast secured connection after updating the wireless card driver to the latest version. The customer downgraded the driver and the system worked again. 2915 wireless card.
Case # 144442250"

Brian of REC will test this case and will email Edward the updates. Issues concerning security can be escalated to REC.

3. "Cust is managing a hotspot in his campsite. Cust mentioned that most of the customers with dell systems are unable to get good signal from his wireless network. Other systems are working fine. Advised cust to change the adapter settings in the device manager and update the driver of the wireless card. Cust will try to update the driver of the card but he would like to know if there is something that he can do to fix this issue.
Case # 144648394"

Call the customer and ask for the network info. Are there Access Points in the network?


1. New Intel drivers will be released in November.
2. New Broadcom drivers will be out in mid-October.
3. Mobile broadband 913 Error (Authentication Issue)
=> Remove the onboard dial up connection from the 3G network settings.
4. James will also send a list of systems wherein the mobile broadband cards are not detected.
5. Bangalore encountered “fatal error” when updating the firmware of Westell => refer the customer to Verizon.
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Technical Meeting Update # 13
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