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 Technical Meeting Update # 12

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Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 12   Sun 5 Nov - 13:35

1. "Same issue with Latitude D420. Qualcomm PC Card not fully recognized by the system (I6000) but another card works on the same slot. 2 Qualcomm cards have been used but the issue is still the same.
Case # 143427138"

=> We’re still waiting for the mobo to fix this issue. Advise customer to use Novatel V620 or a Mobile express card with a caddie.

2. "Wireless card is disabled when the mobile broadband wireless card is used. Customer wanted both the Intel and Broadband cards to work at the same time. Here is an information we got from the 5700 tech sheet:
In the Verizon network, an intruder protection system is designed to prevent hackers from getting on to the Verizon network. When the system detects multiple TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) packets with source IP (Internet Protocol) not belonging to its network, it severs the WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) connection. Windows® XP doesn't seem to isolate the traffic between WWAN, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), and LAN (Local Area Network) very well, and it occasionally routes packets to the wrong connections. When this happens, the WWAN connection may be lost.
The Cingular network doesn't have any policing system; thus, it is not an issue for the Cingular WWAN connection coexisting with WLAN and LAN connections.
In terms of priority on network connections, the DUN (Dial-Up Networking) connection (i.e. WWAN) has a higher priority than NDIS. If you want certain traffic to go through WLAN or LAN, you can set the persistent route (see the link below).
Case # 143774959"

=>It’s a Verizon feature that the broadband connection is disabled when it detects another wireless connection. This is to prevent hacking.

3. "Slow wireless internet connection. The system has been exchanged and the wireless card has been replaced. The router (Dlink) was also replaced. No issues with other wireless pcs. Did t/s for the wireless connection -> same problem.
Case # 142246650"

=>Call the customer back. On the site monitor, check the throughput and noise (click on the graph to display the noise data). Turn the diversity to AUX on the device manager. If this is a driver-related issue (Dell 1390), we won’t have a fix on this for at least 30 days.

4. "Is there a compatibility issue with the Netgear Draft N router and 3300 printer adapter. Found the network during setup but won’t connect. Changed encryption from WPA to WEP -> same problem. Printer adapter has been replaced.
Case # 142059860"

=>Update the router with the latest firmware. Some Netgear routers are not shipped with the latest firmware. This is a router issue. If it doesn’t work, advise router replacement. Try the print adapter in ad-hoc mode to prove that the print adapter is working and the problem is with the router. Current firmware version of the router is (release date: July 14, 2006).
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Technical Meeting Update # 12
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