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 Technical Meeting Update # 11

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 11   Fri 1 Sep - 13:07

1. There is an error “this self extract zip file is part of the multidisk file please insert the disc” when customer tried to update the Truemobile 1300 wireless card using the files R115321.EXE and R115320.EXE. No problem when using the file R115319.EXE.
Case # 140472926

=> No updates.

2. For Dell 1390 dispatches, can we send Dell 1490 wireless cards instead? There have been cases where the customers were sent the same cards and still not working even after T/S.
=> We shouldn’t send a 1490. It’s the same card, but has 802.11a. If the issue isn’t fixed by the replacement card, then it’s probably not the card.

3. Cust has two LATD520 systems with 1390 mini cards. Both laptops won't work with WPA-PSK security. A non-dell laptop works fine with WPA-PSK. Cust was not able to download the latest driver of the card during the call since the support site was down. Cust was advised to download the driver once the support site is up. Cust has not called since.
Case # 141167542

=> The latest driver should fix any security issue.

4. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless has added Manual Diagnostics Tool in the latest driver. Can we have a list of error messages so we will know how to address an error in the diagnostics?
=> Edward emailed the document to the agents.
The diagnostics document is also available in the Help File once the updated driver is installed in the system.

5. Do we have a part number for the SIM alone that comes with the 5500 Broadband Adapter?
=> We should not send just the SIM. Dell is only responsible for the SIM up to the time of activation. If it's before activation, just send the whole kit (card & SIM). After activation, its Cingular’s job to replace lost or damaged SIM’s.

6. The LATD420 system recognizes the PC card (Verizon Qualcomm PC5740) as a USB device.
Case# 141700630.

=> No answer for now, this is an on-going problem that is still being investigated. There is an issue with the card and the RICOH controller. The D420 has RICOH. You may advise the customer to purchase an internal card from Verizon or Sprint. If cust is not willing, escalate the call to REC.

7. Bluetooth won't reconnect once the connection is terminated. Cust has to go through the pairing process in order to connect.
Case # 141802162

=> Uninstall the Dell or Bluetooth or Toshiba stack drivers and use th Microsoft driver. Please click the link below for the document.

=0= Deleting the Toshiba Stack =0=

To get the native Microsoft Bluetooth drivers back:

Remove these files from the following location: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS

You may not have every one of these files.

Remove these files from the following location: C:\WINDOWS\INF

Make sure BTH.INF is not named BTH.BAK

Then goto Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the Dell or Toshiba Bluetooth stack or drivers. ( If you can't find or dont have a listing let me know. )

Then reboot. You may have to go into the Device manager and it will show a BANG on the device. If so, click update or reinstall driver and force it to the BTH.INF file in the C:\WINDOWS\INF directory. After that it should be running on the Microsft Bluetooth stack instead of the Toshiba.

8. What is the best option we can give to a customer who has the Draft N card that won't work with his router? Let's just say the customer is not willing to replace his router.
=> If they don’t purchase a N-draft router that supports our card, then they can use it as a B/G card only. Go to Device Manager and turn off the higher speeds that N offers. If it doesn't work, advise the customer to have the N card replaced with Intel 3945 or Broadcom 1390 or 1490 from Customer Care or their Sales Rep.
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Technical Meeting Update # 11
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