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 Technical Meeting Update # 8

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 8   Thu 17 Aug - 20:05

1. Installation of a bluetooth card stucks and a message comes up to Press Fn + F2 to enable Bluetooth. After enabling radio, Bluetooth is still not recognized, and installation is not completed. Device shows up as USB device under Other Devices.
Case #s: 137286482, 139447119

=> Do not delete the Bluetooth driver because it will mess up the Operating System. Just update the driver. James Vance will send a wallk-thru from DSN on how to update the driver.
=> Edward will call the customer to verify the Order Number and Part Number of the device.
=0= If the customer has a Bluetooh 350, update the driver. If it doesn't work, replace the device.
Edward's update: Cust has Bluetooth 350. Downloaded driver but locks up during driver update. Cust has not called since OS reinstallation.
=0= If the customer has a Bluetooth 300, download a different driver then update. If it doesn't work, replace the device.
Edward's update: Cust has Bluetooth 350. Downloaded driver but locks up during driver update. Didn't work after editing the registry. Device will be replaced.

2. Cust wants to know if his I6400/E1505 which has duo core processor compatible with his wireless adapter, Intel 3945? Tech advised cust that it is compatible. Cust tried all possible TS including PC restore with previous tech and still can't connect to the network.
Case #: 139387833

=> Intel 3945 is compatible with the system. If another system works in the customer's network, replace the wireless adapter.

3. Check out this link:
It's stated there that the expresscard works with a pc card slot if provided with the ExpressCard adapter caddie. If cust purchase the expresscard, the caddie wonít come along.

1. Where can the cust purchase the expresscard adapter caddie?
=> James will verify if the part has been turned on.
2. Whatís the part number of it?
=> Part number is NJ066.
3. Why isnít it included in the package?
=> The adapter caddie is not included in the package because the express card works without a caddie in the newer systems. The caddie is only needed for older systems.

4. The Dell Wireless 1390 cards are able to see the network but fails to connect. It has been known that the said card is being captured when creating a dispatch. The card has been replaced twice but it doesn't fix the problem.
Case #s: 138202854, 135647018, 139790225

=> There was an issue with the Broadcom cards with the Westell modem. The same cards have an intermittent connection issue with Legacy routers. James Vance requested that we take note of the model and firmware of the routers the customers are using.
There's nothing to worry about the capture message, just continue processing the dispatch.

5. Updates from Dell:
=> Lyn is making a document on Proper profiling of Wireless calls in Dellserv. This will be discussed in the next Technical Meeting.
=> The Dell 1500 Pre-N Card has been turned on in RSL for all Inspiron and XPS systems last July 31, 2006.
=> The Dell Wireless 1350 has been changed from FRU to CRU in RSL for all Inspiron systems.
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Technical Meeting Update # 8
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