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 Technical Meeting Update # 7

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 7   Thu 17 Aug - 19:58

1. The Dell Wireless 1350 should be changed to CRU because this is just a PCMCIA. (Systems: I1200/I2200 {Tonga and Tyler})
=> James Vance will update RSL and change the card to CRU.

2. An activation CSA activated his Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband with Cingular.
Case # 139166278

=> James will inform the Dell Activation Center that the 5700 is only for Verizon.

3. The Dell with a 1390 card and the Toshiba with a linksys SRX card won't work at the same time. Router: Linksys SRX400.
Case # 138809958

=> Try to check if the router firmware could be updated. Check the settings on the router. It is possible that the DHCP IP pool range has been manually changed. Check for MAC address filtering. Check also for possible IP address conflicts on the computers (the computers may have static IP addresses assigned). If it doesn't work, replace the card.
note: please email Edward the case number if you encouter the same problem.

4. Updates on the wi-fi catcher issue.
=> New cases:
Case # 134341583 - the bottom plastics was replaced since the Wi-fi catcher was still a FRU
Case # 138867390 - only the Wi-fi catcher switch was replaced since it was changed to CRU this time.

5. What is a DELL WLA3310 wireless USB printer adapter?
=> This is like a USB memory key that works for Laser printers (models 3110 and 5110). Techs are advised to read the Technical Training materials. The wireless queue will support the wireless configuration of the adapter. Printer concerns should be handled by the Printer queue.

6. Two Latitude D820 systems canít use 802.11a. Cust is using the 802.11a network for file sharing in his office and use an AP with 802.11a function; there are other wireless cards and computers using 802.11a wireless connection with no issue at all. Both systems with Intel pro 3945 have the same problem. One of the systems has been replaced already because of this issue but with the new one the same problem occurs. Tech tried a driver from but it won't work. The 802.11a option is grayed out. Went to advance tools and choose A only and put roaming into high, same problem. No wireless A can be detected by the card. But the system can connect to a B and G network. But the card specs say A-B-G.
Case # 137106633
A/P - Netgear FW ag/1140

=> Lyn of Dell said that this should work. A possible screenshot on the grayed out option would help the Dell engineering department analyze this case.

7. Keyboard does not work after reseating the card.
Case # 139003217

=> Try using an external keyboard. If it works, replace the keyboard.

8. Do we still have DELL PCMCIA Cards for sale? It could not be located on the dell website.
=> New PCMCIA cards are no longer available. You may refer the customer to the spare parts department.

9. Will VPN work in a broadband connection. Cust mentioned that VPN worked using his other broadband cards from Verizon.
Case # 139224866

=> Lyn has a working VPN with Cingular. They have not tested VPN with Verizon. James would like to know what VPN software is used by the customer. James will have this tested.
Try to disable the on-board LAN and WAN in the Device Manager. Please take note of the VPN software used by the customer.

10. Any updates for the Intel Wireless Card drivers from the support website?
=> New device drivers will be available in August or September. Intel is working on the diagnostics in Proset. The utility will also have pop-up windows containing T/S suggestions for the technicians.

11. Update on Intel 3945.
=> For issues on this device that has to do with radio disable or "hardware not found" error, try updating the driver with the one dated 6/13/2006. Try going to Add/Remove Programs then repair the application.

12. If you encounter throughput issues with 1390 and "license has expired" error with Bluetooth 350, please email Edward the case numbers.
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Technical Meeting Update # 7
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