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 Technical Meeting Update # 5

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 5   Thu 17 Aug - 19:34

1. There are some instances that the McAfee software affects the internet access of customers in which they have the connection but just canít open the website thru IE. The known solution is simply to turn off McAfee personal firewall. However, there are some cases that it doesnít and the work around would be to disable the whole McAfee software itself thru MSConfig >> services. Customers are saying that they purchased McAfee software for nothing.
How do we configure McAfee to allow wireless internet access aside from disabling it?

=> If the wireless works when McAfee is disabled, this means there's nothing wrong with the hardware. In this case, refer the customer to Helpdesk for support.

2. We would like to clarify our scope of support for customers with Premier Warranty Support contracts. Are we going to support wireless concerns for PWS?
=> Refer the customer to PWS. If the customers insist that we support their wireless issue, we can do best effort but set customer's expectations that they would be transferred to PWS if we can't fix their problem.
If the customer calls in and asks for dispatch with no troubleshooting done, we should not process a dispatch. Refer the customer to PWS.

3. System hangs when using the Dell Wireless Utility but works fine when using WZC.
Case #: 136494402

=> James and the Quality Department are working on this issue. They are also fixing the case in disabling the radio (3945).
James suggested that the customer should update the driver using the downloaded driver from the website with the date June 13, filename is r127811.exe. This file has the fix for the radio disable issue. If it doesn't fix the problem on using the utility, ask the customer to use the latest driver with the date June 23.

4. Mr. Brian Mason (email address: has brought to our attention with regards to the current driver of the Dell Wireless 1490 minicard. He claims that the driver no longer supports the ďaegis protocolĒ for 801.1x; he says the aegis protocol binds the 801.1x to the NIC; a conduit for WPA or 801.1x
He says that previous cards suchas the Dell 1370 did have this protocol and still works today with an older system. His question is why this latest card is not backward compatible, and why the aegis protocol was removed. He also claims that he already tried multiple driver versions in
Would there be future fix for this problem in a form of updated driver? Would there be a patch he can use for now? Any reason why the aegis protocol was removed (if so)?
Case #: 136162008

=> The AEGIS Protocol was part of the Meetinghouse supplicant that Broadcom used to use for their wireless cards to support advance security and authentication features.
During the M07 systems the Broadocm developed their own supplicant and thus did not need to use the AEGIS protocol stack for these features. No security or authentication features where lost by doing this.
In fact this decision now gives Broadcom full control of issues that may be found on their product.
Basically that version of the protocol is no longer used. All the same features and functionality is now built into the driver.

5. Are we going to support Company 19 customers having wireless issues with Axim?
=> Transfer the customer to the Consumer PDA queue.

6. AXIM does not connect to the network automatically after rebooting.
Case # 135381888

=> Update the firmware of the device using the firmware released last Monday. Filename is r129273 for x51 and r129272 for x51v.
Check also if there is an SD or Compact card installed in the unit. There is a known issue where the systems can't wake up where there is a compact card installed.

7. The driver for dell wireless 1450 wonít work with WinXP and Win2k. No wireless connection when using the dell utility for both OS but it works fine when using WZC in WinXP.
Case # 137084825

=> Pending concern. James Vance would like to know if the wireless utility works without encryption. To be discussed in next week's Technical Meeting.
8. Updates from the Client.
=> Dell 1500 pre-N mini card will be released on July 17. This is for Inspiron systems only. It should work in all currently existing routers but there may be a difference in speed with the old routers. The DSN tree will be available on July 16.
Agents are advised to read the training material regarding this product. A list of compatible systems and routers are included in the training material.
Sample scenario: If the card won't work in a Latitude system and will generate an error during installation, there's no problem with the card. This is a problem with the system not compatible with the card.
=> The Dell express card for Cingular will be released in November. A card for Sprint will also be released by that time.
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Technical Meeting Update # 5
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