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 Technical Meeting Update # 4

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 4   Thu 17 Aug - 19:25

1. Are Dell Bluetooth Adapters HID (Human Interface Device) compliant?
=> No.

2. Are the Dell wireless cards compatible with WPA 2? If not, do we help customers in downloading the patch for WPA 2?
=> Yes, the Dell Wireless cards are compatible to WPA2, but you will not find the WPA2 option if you are using Wireless Zero Configuration to manage the wireless card. The update has to be manually downloaded at

3. The wireless card has been replaced twice and still can't connect to the wireless network. Other wireless computers are working fine. The problem is that the DSN tree does not lead to motherboard replacement.
Case # 133958299
Dell™ Wireless™ TrueMobile™ 1180, 1300, 1400, 1350, 1370, 1390, 1450, 1470 or 1490 Wireless Adapter Will Not Associate. (Article ID 111111)

=> What type of router where they trying to connect to, was the SSID broadcasting, and was there security enabled? In the first case Diagnostics failed. In the second case, the tech did following the decision tree, in which he performed 36 steps within 59 seconds. I state in the tree and he checked off on it to remove the antennas and check the signal. If signal improves, the antennas are bad (LCD) and if the signal stays the same the card should be bad. The last case stated that the SSID could be seen, therefore it is 99.99% likely not the motherboard since the antennas go directly from the LCD to the card. Customer will more than likely call back in.

4. Network shuts down when the portable is turned on. The computer hardwired to the router works fine without the laptop. As soon the laptop is turned on, the local area connection on the hardwired pc gets a limited or no connectivity status. The hardwired pc is also disconnected from the internet. Resetting the router didn't fix the problem. The customer has to turn of the laptop and powercycle the router to get the internet connection working on the hardwired pc. Any explanation on this?
Case # 133872876, 134126948

=> I do not have an answer on the second case, 134126948. On the second case it was most likely Quickset disabled the onboard NIC. There are KBs on disabling "Disable NIC on Battery" options and are within wired NIC trees.
Also, a tech replaced a motherboard and never should have in this case because the system in every case had a 192.xx IP Address or a 169.xx address. A 169.xx address means the system is connected or associated, but it cannot receive a valid IP. No one checked the firewalls either. Seems a Linksys firmware upgrade resolved the issue.

5. Wireless adapter gets a bang (a yellow ?) in the device manager after the computer resumes from hybernation or standby mode. Cust is done with pc restore and OS reinstallation but it didn't fix the problem. Cust has to reinstall the driver to get the wireless card working again. Core tech suggested a clean reinstall of the OS (using the cd). Is there any other way to address this problem?
Case #: 134225902, 135600218

=> 295053 - Yellow Exclamation Mark (!) Appears on Packet Scheduler Miniport in Device Manager

6. WLAN says disconnected but can go online
Case #: 135750729

=> 277488 - Updating the Broadcom wireless card drivers to A05 or later on a Dell™ Latitude™, Precision™ Mobile Workstation, or Inspiron™ portable system may cause the wireless LEDs to stop blinking.

7. Request for an updated phone list.
The contact phone list is the only resource we have outside of Softphones which is a separate application. If there are any discrepancies technicians should submit a "failure form" request in the upper right.
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Technical Meeting Update # 4
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