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 Technical Meeting Update # 3

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 3   Thu 17 Aug - 17:59

1. Customer can't access mapped network drives in his computer using the Intel Pro Wireless 3945 utility but works fine using the Windows WZC utility.
Case # 133216955.

=> 297615 - The Intel® PROSet Wireless utility terminates the wireless connection at user logoff or shutdown before Microsoft® Windows® offline folders and network files are synchronized.

2. Is there a known issue for Dell TM 1390/1370 wireless miniPCI cards and 802.11b routers (particularly linksys, netgear, and westell)? There are instances where-in the adapter is able to connect to other networks but not on the 802.11b networks. No matter what is done, it is unable to connect and usually gets the message in WZC: “Windows cannot connect to the selected network, the network may no longer be in range…” or most of the time it just times-out.
=> Yes, with 802.11b old wireless routers that are not 802.11h compliant. Upgrade the firmware on the wireless router, and do not replace hardware.

3. Can't connect to the CISCO VPN client using the built-in wireless card of the system. Works fine when using an external wireless card.
Case # 133226303

=> The latest Dell drivers 4.10.xxxx will not work with the Cisco VPN v4.8. Downgrade the driver or upgrade the Cisco firmware (if available).

4. Some Inspiron B120 systems have missing Dell wireless 1390 cards. The item is in the order details but no card was shipped with the system. There is no card also in the slot. Always keep in mind PSQN 295119 - The Inspiron B120 purchased without an integrated wireless Mini-PCI will not ship with integrated antennas.
Service Tags: G4SPD81, BCSPD81, F6TPD81, BYTPD81

=> If the card was ordered with the system but the system did not ship with it, refer the customer to Customer Care.

5. An issue about the Bluetooth 350 driver in some of the new systems. The Bluetooth icon on the system tray turns ON and OFF after every 5 seconds (approx) and is not working. Downgrading the driver to R92909.EXE seems to resolve the issue.
New Driver: R117967, Release Date: April/30/2006
Old driver: R92909, Release Date: November 10, 2005
Case # 133584625

=> Ensure the Bluetooth card is Enabled in the BIOS. 298902 - The Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth module can be discovered while disabled in the BIOS.

6. All agents cant pull-up Missing, Wrong, Damaged or Complete Care [ US ACS Policy ] using the DSN launched within Dellserv, what will be shown instead is Handling Missing, Wrong, or Damaged (MWD) on a Dell/EMC Product. - AES. As a result the agent who will encounter an issue with missing or complete care issue will use an external DSN.
=> The only reason you cannot view the policy from Dellserv is due to Dellserv and/or DSN misprofiling. Please ensure they are correct: 291138 - DSN Feedback Policy - ACS

7. A verizon card installed in a system is working fine and has no connection issues. The problem is that the system shuts down every 20 minutes. The same card was installed in another system and it didn't encounter the same problem. Is this a problem with the motherboard?
Case #: 131705558

=> "Refer to KB 287541 - WWAN PC cards may cause system hang when installed in Inspiron 6000.
Include in the notes the specific card the customer is using. For this issue, the solution is to replace the motherboard.

8. What to do if the Dell Activation Center number for Mobile Broadband is not working.
=> Advise customer to call Cingular or Verizon to activate the account.

9. The wi-fi Light on the system turns off after 2 hours but the wireless connection is still working.
=> Restart the computer or disable/enable the utility.
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Technical Meeting Update # 3
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