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 Technical Meeting Update # 1

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PostSubject: Technical Meeting Update # 1   Thu 17 Aug - 17:43

1. Slow connection with Dell 1390 Express Card
=> If customer calls in complaining about a slow connection, ask the customer to run the Dell Diagnostics.† If it will give you a MEMORY FAILURE then go ahead and replace the card.† Donít let the customer wait anymore.

2. Can't go online with Westell 327W
=> If customer complains that he can see the wireless network but he canít connect or go online, ask the name of their ISP (if Verizon or Westell).† If the ISP is Westell, ask the customer whatís the router that heís using.† If the router is Westell 327W then check at the bottom for Rev. E.† Get the current firmware that the router is using (also found at the bottom) and advise the customer to update the firmware of his router.† Take note that you should not replace the HW or wireless card for this type of issue.
Note: They didnít specify the FW that the router is currently using but I suggest that we still get the FW and log it in our calls so that if customer calls back, we can verify if the FW was indeed updated.
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Technical Meeting Update # 1
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