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 Configuring Router to Connect to InsightBB

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PostSubject: Configuring Router to Connect to InsightBB   Fri 28 Jul - 12:23

Configuring Router to Connect to InsightBB

Note: - This process should be performed in reference to the ISP's recommendations
1. REBOOT the modem by unplugging the modem and plugging it back in. Do not RESET the modem if there is a reset switch.
2. Then RESET the router
3. Then Reboot the computer(s) that are plugged into the router.
4. At this point, uses the MAC address to authenticate you on the network. It pulls the MAC of your NIC and associates it with your account and assigns you an IP (12.220/222.x.x). After putting the router in line, which has it's own MAC, the system does not recognize that MAC and assigns it a default 10.15.x.x IP address which will allow you to visit the SAS Registration site to register that router.
5. Make sure you have Internet Explorer 5.5 or later with 128bit cipher strength (Encryption). Open up your IE and in the address bar type in this address: »»» then hit GO. (You can also type in the IP to SAS Registration which is 12.223.2.Cool
6. You will get a security message and so forth, just say yes, or ok. Then you will get a message indicating that this computer (the network views your routers' MAC and refers to it as a computer so don't be confused when it doesn't say "Your Router") is not registered, do you want to ADD or REPLACE? What you want to do is REPLACE. At that point it will ask you to name your computer, by default it will name it COMPUTER 2, however to keep confusion down you can type in ROUTER if you wish. Then it will give you a message to reboot your computer (router) and you should get a blank white IE screen.
7. At this point unplug the MODEM and plug it back in, reset the ROUTER the same way you did before, and reboot the COMPUTER(s) after the router.
8. Always in that order, reboot MODEM ---> ROUTER ---> COMPUTER(s)
9. When your computers come back on line, they will have a 192.168.x.x IP (Private IP that Routers assign) and the router will have the 12.220/222.x.x IP address and be registered on the SAS Registration.
10. Try getting online

*SAS ip may differ. please check the DNS address that the router is getting.

John Mark Causin
A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
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Configuring Router to Connect to InsightBB
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